From modest beginnings in 1943, today Bitar Group is growing more & more. With a MBO system that allows each division and investment center to be independent while adhering to group policies and procedures, a TQM system that defines projects cultures and customer satisfaction, and an IT and communication setup that facilitates monitoring and strategic planning, Bitar Group is geared for long-term future growth.

In less than 80 years, keen entrepreneurial skills transformed this family business into a multinational and now, after 75 years of evolution, Bitar Group continues to surge forward.

Tawfeer 12 Supermarket chains.
We launch our own chain of discount shops, Euroland, with everything from toys to electronics, gifts, and glassware. This formula as the direct importer and final retailer sparks even more success and by the end of 2018, Bulgaria boasts 100 Euroland shops
Our vertical expansion into packaging prompted the creation of our own brand, Deroni. Today Deroni is number 1 in the Romanian and Bulgarian markets
We are now present in 5 countries with decent market share.
Hilal’s sons Rashed and Rami join, restructuring and changing direction
We expand into Romania Late 1995s Annual sales reach 300 million USD and we venture into production for the first time via the largest rice mill in Eastern Europe which we open in Romania
We expand into Bulgaria
Our first venture into the international market begins by penetrating the highly competitive and challenging market in Egypt
Hilal Bitar becomes a leading food importer
Rapid sales increases solidify Bitar’s local market position
Hilal Bitar launches a small company at the age of 22 to supply Beirut and its surroundings with grains and conservatives.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to nourish life: to support and protect the well-being of consumers through high quality standards, innovation, research, and daily products that help them get the most out of life.

Our vision is to become one of the top traders and producers: an international holding with presence in several continents and countries. One team one family we grow together we want our team to feel like they are growing with the group.



We perform and deliver results


Always guaranteed, without compromise


In the way we communicate, work, and build long-term work relationships


Self-empowerment and achievments drive us


We assume responsibility and act responsibly


Our philosophy is that growth is the key to being competitive

Team & Culture

Bitar Group thrives because of our loyal team and its collective positive “can do” attitude which has solidified our expansion in the world market. Our young and dynamic board of directors merge experience in Europe and the Middle East with vision and know-how. Results-driven, each department focuses on customer service and consumers’ needs. We accordingly approach product and brand improvement, portfolio development, pricing, and other key aspects of our work.

Our corporate culture is built on respect, openness, and equal opportunity without discrimination. We invest in our talent, offer continual training, and foster a workplace that is supportive and motivating. Believing in people, we empower our professionals with the means to excel in their careers and to contribute to the evolution of Bitar Group.

Markets & Offices

Bitar Group is present in several markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This big economy of scale means we have better positioning and prices because of bigger volumes. In Europe, we are brand leaders in several countries in the EU. Our premium brands are very well known as they appeal to consumer preferences and we are highly active on social media and in advertising, which has contributed to building brand awareness for our products. Health and quality conscious, internally and externally, we never compromise on quality, we do private labels to all international retailers in EU. In Africa, we focus on supply and demand, selling commodities as traders at great prices while always respecting our commitments and contracts. Maintaining good relationships based on trust, we answer the essential needs of the different markets throughout the continent. In the Middle East, we trade & brand, we are from top 50 suppliers to retailers.