Two Cows

Two cows is a premium brand for instant milk powder. Bitar Group is the exclusive agent for “Two cow’s” milk.


Maestro is a premium instant coffee brand. Available in Classic and Gold.


Krix Cereals and chips available in different flavors.
Cereals: Corn Flakes, Fruity Hoops, Choco Balls, Choco Shells, available in 500g packages.
Chips: Original, Barbecue, extra cheese, sour cream & onion and salt & vinegar, available in 45g and 160g packages.


Fatima is a Premium Basmati Rice, Egyptian Rice and Round Grain Rice available in different sizes of 3D packaging 900 grams, 4.5 kg, 10 kg and 25kg in addition to jute bags packaging in various sizes and non-woven bag packaging.

Basmati Rice has been cultivated since the beginning of the 19th century.
The word Basmati means “Full of Aroma” and the name is richly deserved, considering the heady, full bodied fragrance that pervades the room as it begins to cook. Basmati grains are long and slender, each grain elongates to at least double of its original size upon cooking. Those unique qualities along with its tempting taste, have made Basmati Rice one of world’s favorite. The finest varieties of Basmati originates in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the rich dark soil and climate conditions contribute to its unique taste and texture

Japonica rice is one of the two major domestic varieties of Oryza Sativa rice. Japonica rice is extensively cultivated and consumed in China, Japan, Korea,Taiwan, Middle- East , Spain , Italy , USA and Australia. whereas in most other regions Indica rice is the dominant type of rice. Japonica rice grains are rounder, thicker and harder, compared to longer, thinner and fluffier Indica rice grains. Fatima Premium Round Grain Rice and Egyptian Rica are the most recognized variety in the world. They are the most popular of the Japonica rice varieties. The grains are soft and stick together when cooked. It absorbs flavors beautifully and holds together well in soups and salads. This versatile grain makes an excellent table rice and is also perfect for Spanish and Arab style dishes as well as Mediterranean and Asian cuisine such as paella, pilaf, and rice bowls or sushi.

Abou Rashed

Abu Rashed is a leader in the Lebanese market, offering jute bag 1121 sella quality rice at competitive prices.
Premium Basmati rice grown in India, 1121 Sella Rice which is one of the best Indian Rice and is 100% adulteration free. Completely hygienic, our 1121 Sella Rice has a unique taste and aroma of its own. Appreciated For Amazing fragrance, Easy to cook, Beneficial for health, Rich in taste.
Perfect For Indian Cuisine, Mughlai Cuisine, Continental Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine.


A very high premium Lebanese nuts, sweets and authentic products chain in Europe and South America.

Alyah Range of Products:
Tahini | Olive Oil | Vine Leaves | Molases Grenadine
Orange blossom water | Rose Water | Labneh mka3zaleh | Makdous
Olives/green/black | Hommos with Tahini | Zaatar + somak + sesame seeds
Foul Modammes | Jallab | Tamer Hindi | Falafel Mix | Mixed pickles in jars
Hommos whole | Nuts Classic | Nuts Extra | Nuts Super Extra


The premium brand of Bitar Group, distributed in Lebanon, MEA & Gulf region since 1992, the products have been carefully picked and selected for best cooking results they can inspire any chef and food lover. Deroni is the no 1 brand in central Eastern Europe for rice, pulses and conserves. It’s also the leading brand of japonica rice in the Middle East

Range of Products:
Egyptian Rice – Round Grain Rice suitable for stuffing vegetables such as zucchini, eggplants & vine leaves.
Italian Rice – Medium grain rice suitable for risotto & pilaf.
American Rice – Long grain parboiled rice suitable for pilaf, paella & vegetable rice.
Basmati Rice suitable for middle eastern , Indian cuisine
Vermicelli | Spaghetti | Elbow | Penne | Shells| Fusilli | Farfalle
Sunflower Oil | Wheat Flour | Bulgur | Semolina | Tuna | Sardine
Jams | Tomato paste | Canned fruits | Canned Pineapples


A premium private top quality label brand produced especially for Tawfeer Supermarkets since 2015. Joud offers a wide range of rice, sugar, frozen food and drinks.

Joud Range of Products:
Italian Rice – Medium grain rice suitable for risotto & pilaf.
American Rice – Long grain parboiled rice suitable for pilaf, paella & vegetable rice.
Egyptian Rice – Round grain rice suitable for stuffing vegetables such as zucchini, eggplants & vine leaves.
Crystal Sugar | Green Frozen Peas | Chickpeas Kabuli type
Red split lentils | Laird lentils | Corn Butterfly
Beans Alubia type | Red Beans | Speckled Beans | Semolina | Moughrabieh | Jallab