The premium brand of Bitar Group, distributed in Lebanon, MEA & Gulf region since 1992, the products have been carefully picked and selected for best cooking results they can inspire any chef and food lover. Deroni is the no 1 brand in central Eastern Europe for rice, pulses and conserves. It’s also the leading brand of japonica rice in the Middle East

Range of Products:
Egyptian Rice – Round Grain Rice suitable for stuffing vegetables such as zucchini, eggplants & vine leaves.
Italian Rice – Medium grain rice suitable for risotto & pilaf.
American Rice – Long grain parboiled rice suitable for pilaf, paella & vegetable rice.
Basmati Rice suitable for middle eastern , Indian cuisine
Vermicelli | Spaghetti | Elbow | Penne | Shells| Fusilli | Farfalle
Sunflower Oil | Wheat Flour | Bulgur | Semolina | Tuna | Sardine
Jams | Tomato paste | Canned fruits | Canned Pineapples